BD Easier Downward Kicks

It’s much easier to raise a bent leg than a straight one. For downward kick / naeryo chagi and pick shape kick / gokaeng-i chagi, raise the leg with a bent knee, then straighten it for the downstroke. This also works for reverse turning kick, and the flying versions of these kicks.

BD Foot shape tip for turning and side kicks

Fairly often we see this foot shape in turning and side piercing kicks. While it might be a little easier to use this foot shape, there are good reasons to work towards the correct shape for each kick.

BD Continuous vs Connecting Motions

Continuous motion is full, standalone movements performed one after another with out pausing – each gets some sinewave of its own, and a breath of its own. Connecting motion is a pair of conjoined movements performed as one – a single sinewave and a single breath.